The Breakfast Club


This Sunday, 9am @ Cosi. Come and connect with us!

The Breakfast Club is a unique opportunity for fellowship at the Morristown UMC, designed especially for individuals who need a very low key, low commitment, and yet highly inviting place to connect. The themes are intended to be relevant to the needs of our wider church and those who attend. It is a warm environment, where all views are welcome--where diverse opinions are even invited. The number one goal is connection with the community!!!

(Download the .pdf attachments of our weekly discussions.)

"Telling" time as Christians:

Over the last few weeks, we have been exploring how to "tell" time as Christians. We have explored the many ways being in a church community has helped us "tell" the stories that remind us who we are. We have also shared about some of the ways we "tell" others what is important to us by how we view time. Is time a commodity that can be spent, or conserved, or shared?

The last week in this series asked about the artifacts we keep to remind us of our stories. Many families keep shoe boxes of photos or hope chests where they store fragments of their lives that remind them of the events that have shaped them. Thinking in this context, the group was invited to reflect about the spaces or things in the church building that "told" time for us...reminded us of our story as a community. Several members of the group reflected on the "charred cross" and the chandelier that decorate the center room of our building. These are artifacts that remind us of the fire of 1972 and the challenge we went through as a community to redefine who we would be in the rebuilding. One member of our group was even baptized at Temple B'nai Or here in Morristown, the Reform Jewish Congregation that opened their doors to us as a space for worship. Wow! What stories we have to tell.

Who do we say we are?

Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring as a group how we are perceived as a community and how others perceive us. These discussions are aimed simply to help us share our stories with each other and remind us who we are--leading us into the all-important and prayerful discussion about who it is that God desires for us to be.

Come join us!!!

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The Breakfast Club - Day 4 - Telling Time - Sun Oct 7 2012.pdf197.13 KB
The Breakfast Club - Day 5 - Who do we say - Sun Oct 14 2012.pdf192.01 KB
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